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Cyc will open 10 new studios by the end of 2015—including one in Times Square

The hot cycling brand with an athletic, party-on-a-bike approach is pedaling towards a major national presence this year.
(Photo: Cyc Fitness)

Cyc Fitness—the hot cycling brand with an athletic, party-on-a-bike approach and locations in New York City, Austin, TX, and Madison, WI—is pedaling towards a major national presence this year.

The company will open 10 new studios by the end of 2015 says founder and CEO Stephen Nitkin, and the expansion includes moving into new, exciting cities, a location in Times Square, and a bigger partnership with DavidBartonGym, all using what it calls a “shop-in-shop” approach, with studios built inside existing businesses.

Four of the new studios, in Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, will be built inside DavidBartonGym locations, just like the wildly successful location at Astor Place in New York. “It’s a terrific proof of concept when our partner here is asking us to expand into more of their locations,” Nitkin, says, explaining that in addition to rental income, DavidBarton has gained new members through the partnership, and Cyc has acquired riders from its member base, too. Plus, the “shop-in-shop” model allows for faster studio build-outs, lower prices, and more extensive amenities (hello, sauna) for Cyc riders. “It’s a win-win for everyone,” he says.

So it’s no surprise that the brand’s second Manhattan location, expected to open at the end of this year, won’t be a stand-alone shop either. Instead, it will be Cyc’s first studio in a hotel, located on the ground floor of the Row NYC in Times Square. Yup, where there’s nary a boutique fitness studio. “We like that area a lot because it’s light in boutique fitness and dense in corporate and residential traffic,” Niktin says.

Just like at DavidBartonGym, the studio will be open to the public, but hotel guests will get special perks, like discounts on rates and the ability to charge classes to their rooms. (Better than the mini bar!)

An Atlanta studio will be located inside The Forum Athletic Club in Buckhead, and the additional four studio locations will be disclosed at a later date. Hey, if you’ve got space for 50 bikes in your apartment or office building, maybe shoot them an email? —Lisa Elaine Held

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