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Photo: Thinkstock/Jacob Lund

Having a spin bike at home makes working out convenient—but it can also make it easier to slack off. When you have a high-energy instructor in your face or a pack of riders on either side of you IRL, you’re probably more likely to power through a climb or push through that final sprint.

But at home, without that accountability, let’s be honest, it can be pretty tempting to saddle up and clip in—and then cue up Gilmore Girls and pedal mindlessly (and slowly) while Rory and Lorelai chow down at Luke’s.

If at any point during the ride you drop below your goals, the TV will warn you before eventually pausing the program while you get back on pace.

That’s why one Dublin man sought—and created—the solution for when you’re lacking home cycling motivation.

Meet Cycflix, Ronan Byrne’s stationary bike hack that basically makes it so you can’t tune into Netflix unless you’re also moving your legs. Through a number of pulleys, levers, and other mechanical tinkering, Byrne’s bike works by pre-entering your workout details—how long you’d like to ride, average speeds, calories burned, etc.—and then picking what you want to watch. If at any point during the ride you drop below your goals, the TV will warn you before eventually pausing the program while you get back on pace.

The good news? Kimmy Schmidt is now the ultimate at-home motivator. The bad news? The bike isn’t for sale, so you’ll have to hack your own by attempting to follow Byrne’s tutorial.

Netflix and spin just got a lot more intriguing.

If you’re ready to up your indoor cycling game, here are answers to all the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask. And here’s a hack to make your solo spin sessions more effective.