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There are many things to love about winter (it’s coming!): Sweater weather, peppermint tea, and your annual Friendsgiving bash. One not-so-great thing: Trekking to the gym.

Daily Burn is here to help. The fitness video streaming service helps you get in your cardio (or yoga or…well, any workout) without ever leaving your pad.

And unlike your usual elliptical grind, the fitness game-changer keeps things fresh by offering more than a thousand workouts taught by pro trainers. Plus, each option ranges from 15 minutes to an hour, so you can fit it into even your most packed days.

Here’s the best part: Daily Burn is offering W+G readers a free 30-day trial, plus 50 percent off the following three months. Yep: Your apartment is the new fitness studio.

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Photo: Daily Burn