Dance cardio queen Simone de la Rue takes her method nationwide

The popular New York fitness personality is a new author and a chassé away from becoming a bicoastal brand.
(Photo Credit: Zoe Buckman)
Simone de la Rue is a new author and is about to become a bicoastal brand. (Photo: Zoe Buckman)


Simone de la Rue brought her celebrity-approved, endorphin-packed workout to New Yorkers with the opening of her West Chelsea studio in 2012. Now, the petite dance cardio queen is taking her method nationwide—with the release of her first book and a Los Angeles studio, both debuting this April.

The book, Body By Simone: The 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan, will allow her to reach people across the country, and in Europe and Australia, where De la Rue says she has lots of fans (thanks to her English-Australian background).

And while it includes several chapters of fitness moves and sequences, it also offers a detailed look at her overarching philosophy that even her clients may not always get—from her self-love checklist to her food philosophy.

9780062269362_p0_v2_s260x420 At the core, “I wanted it to come across as approachable,” she says, “by talking about using dance as exercise, and about the fact that healthy living can be creative and joyous. I want people to think about it as a lifestyle choice, not a chore.”

De la Rue says she was especially excited about getting her book out since dance cardio is not a big genre when it comes to fitness books. Of course, it includes fewer (and much simpler) dance sequences than you’ll find in class, since it can be tricky to communicate bad-ass moves on paper.

Her online workout program, BBS TV, will help with that, as will the opening of her second studio, which will turn Body By Simone into a bicoastal brand. “Literally every day someone asks me, ‘When are you opening in LA?'” she says, especially since many of her star clients, like Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts, spend at least some of their time in Hollywood.

And while the dance cardio landscape in New York is brimming with major players and methods, De la Rue says her studio will be one of the first destination hotspots in the sunnier city, where Tracy Anderson still has a strong hold on the small scene.

“There’s an over-saturation of dance cardio in New York, and there’s not much competition in LA yet,” she says. “It’s good to get in on the ground floor.” —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, visit or check out the book, here

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