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Tracy Anderson has no shortage of celebrity fans, but Lena Dunham may have just given the fitness guru’s sweat method the best kind of endorsement (yes, even better than an Instagram shout-out or a featured workout in Lenny, the actress’ newsletter): we’re talking a prime spot in the new trailer for season five of Girls.

In the 25-second clip, Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath is shown in the midst of a sweaty dance cardio session. We see her pelvic thrust her way through Empire ISIS’ “Get Up On It,” wearing an outfit—short-shorts, sports bra, hoodie tied around her waist—that wouldn’t look out of place at Tracy Anderson Method’s Tribeca, Culver City, or Brentwood studios. (Even if the pelvic thrusts and free-form class chaos would.) “Dance like no one is watching,” the trailer commands.

What it means for the rest of the HBO series’ new season, which premieres on February 21, 2016, is anyone’s guess (Dunham has shared that a season five plot line includes running, for which Dunham worked offscreen with Mile High Run Club trainer Matt Wilpers). But don’t be surprised if there’s a sudden demand for dance cardio studios in Bushwick.

As for Anderson? While she herself doesn’t make an appearance in the clip, kickstarting Dunham’s love for dance cardio certainly offers yet another way for her to continue to grow and develop her megabrand.

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