Detox destination The Ranch at Live Oak launches a weekend program

With a new outpost at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, the tough detox program just got easier to attend. Once you're there, though, it's as hard as ever.

It’s getting easier to attend one of the countries toughest detox programs. Well, at least as far as your jam-packed calendar goes. Enduring the eight hours of fitness on 1,400 calories a day that the The Ranch at Live Oak is known for is still on you.

Now the week-long program—and its mandatory five-hour hikes, afternoon strength-training classes, and tiny portions of delectable food all in luxe surrounds—is launching a weekend (Thursday through Sunday) version at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village in mid September.

That’s great news for the busy Type A guests, from crazed New York bankers to Silicon Valley CEOs, who love to detox from their electronic devices at the swish-yet-stern program, but can’t pull off a week out of the office.

The new program, called The Ranch 4.0 (for the 4-day program length), remains largely the same as the unabridged version, explain founders Alex and Sue Glasscock. Morning hikes traverse the Santa Monica mountains, and workouts are still include tons of kettlebells and TRX.

The new greenhouse living room-dining room will be a spot for the 18 Ranch 4.0 program guests to gather, and whine/brag about how much their quads hurt.

And the Glasscocks seem to have thought through the possibilities for temptation at the Four Seasons—and how to keep The Ranch experience intact. This includes bringing their own staff, including a vegetarian chef—“The food will not be hotel food,” they say—and transforming a greenhouse on property into a sanctuary, which replicates The Ranch aesthetic and small group vibe. The living room-dining room area will be a spot for the 18 program guests to gather, and whine/brag about how much their quads hurt.

A couple differences between the programs? At Ranch 4.0, you can get on the internet, send email, and use the phone, which are verboten at the week-long program. There’s also the option for diagnostic testing like body composition assessment (BOD POD) and a V02 Metabolic Test at the California Health & Longevity Center, the top-rung integrative health clinic also located at Westlake Village.

Of course, you’ll stay in high-end Four Seasons accommodations, get a daily massage, and have access to the resort pools, steam rooms, and hot tubs. Though given the intensity of the program even at four days, you’ll probably cherish an afternoon nap even more. —Melisse Gelula

The Ranch 4.0, all-inclusive, $3,800 per person, 888-777-2177 or

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