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MELT-HAND-stickerBack stretchers and Sharper Image Massage Chairs are so yesterday. The MELT Method, a whole system of “self-treatments,”–that means you play therapist–recently introduced a hand-and-foot technique. Using rubberized balls of various sizes and textures, MELT targets reflexology points to promote relaxation, good posture, and better flexibility. Taught as a 30-minute class at gyms around the City, it’s an ideal chaser after an intense workout. That’s because group fitness instructor and somatic movement expert Sue Hitzmann developed the program to help athletes alleviate pain and fatigue; it also provides arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome relief, says Hitzmann. We tried it after a long run at the Tribeca-branch of Equinox, left walking on air, and had none of our usual post-running muscle soreness.

productIMG_0041Try MELT at the Jewish Community Center (open to the public) on the Upper West Side or at many Equinox locations (membership required).

Or order the new at-home Hand & Foot Treatment Kit, which comes with an instructional DVD and pressure-points diagram, and get a $10 Well& discount when you enter coupon code MELT-WGNYC. Good through September 1, 2009.