Equinox darling Lacey Stone strikes out on her own. Next stop? Celebrity

After seven years at Equinox, Lacey Stone, the popular New York trainer and fitness personality has packed her gym bag—and is poised for fitness celebrity.
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After seven years at Equinox, Lacey Stone, the popular New York City trainer and fitness personality, has packed her gym bag. Stone’s following in the footsteps of The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels, or Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch, who don’t just train buff celebs, but have become one themselves.

Stone’s recent departure from Equinox has the fitness intelligentsia and her loyal clients wondering where the buff blonde will land—and what’s next. Celebrity training? National television? Turning her fitness brand into a household name? Try all of the above.

“It’s like moving out of my parents house. I love Equinox, but there are opportunities that I had to leave to explore,” said Stone, from a recent phone interview from Los Angeles.

Television is an obvious course. She’s already been on the Today Show and Dr. Oz, and the producers of Good Morning America seem to have the 31-year-old’s number on speed dial.

Stone is shooting a hush-hush TV pilot in Los Angeles, dashing back to NYC in time to announce her first move as total free agent—a teaching stint at Barry’s Bootcamp, a boutique interval-based training studio chain that she’s crazy about. Her classes begin in September.

“And I’m still trying to figure out how to continue my love for teaching spinning. Flywheel or SoulCycle?” she laughs. That is the question.

Lacey Stone Good Morning America
Stone at a taping for Good Morning America

Stone’s a confirmed multitasker, but that’s not the only reason for her success. Her ambitiousness seems grounded by her do-gooder’s soul: “I’m really present when I’m teaching. Some teachers bring it for an hour-long class, then they’re off duty,” says Stone. “For me, the class is just the beginning of the relationship. You can watch a show, take the boot camp with me…and I’ll stay on top of my personal clients with emails and texts, Facebook high-fives and Tweets. I’m there with you.”

Stone hasn’t always been the fit firecracker she is now. “I had coaches that killed my passion for basketball and tennis, sports that I played for 20 years. I stopped playing, gained 20 pounds, and was miserable,” says Stone. “When I reignited my fire for fitness, I realized I could be the coach that brings out the strength in others, brings out what makes someone extraordinary. Everyone needs someone in their life that believes in them. That’s what I do.”

To that end, Stone’s developed her own three-phase method that she’ll roll out, “like Tracy Anderson has done with her method,” she explains. She’s holding the specific details for now, but it will include a combo of Stone’s specialties—like addressing those personal or mental blocks that hinder your health and fitness, plus plenty of strength and cardio skills.

Eventually, Stone thinks that she’ll have to leave New York City. “I want to be wellness expert who’s synonymous with being happy, healthy, and fit—and to really change lives on a large scale, that means TV and Los Angeles,” she says. (Though we beg to differ.)

And there’s a personal life bonus: “My wife is an actress and she’s on a show out here. We want to have kids, a yard, and space to run around and play tennis, says Stone. “But I’m grateful to New York City, because the city pushed me to be my best.” Her clients no doubt thank her for the same thing. —Melisse Gelula

How to work out with Lacey: Sign up for her classes at Barry’s Bootcamp ($25 per class with 5-class card); join her own outdoor workout called Bootycamp ($350); do a $175 private with Lacey at Peak Performance, or register for the Lacey Stone Immersion 3-month program ($14,400 for 6 days a week). Visit www.laceystonefitness.com

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