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Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Equinox is expanding to launch a “hospitality brand intended for health conscious travelers.” (Because, you know, owning a luxury gym with 75 locations, SoulCycle, Pure Yoga, and a rapidly expanding budget gym chain isn’t quite enough.)

“We are appealing to the discriminating consumer who lives an active lifestyle and wants to have that as a hotel experience,” Equinox CEO Harvey Spevak told the Wall Street Journal.

How will they do that? Details are sparse since the first location isn’t expected to open until 2018 in Hudson Yards in Manhattan. But that location, at least, will be home to the company’s largest Equinox gym, giving hotel guests a few more (dozen) options than the standard choice between a treadmill and elliptical while on the road.

But fancy gyms alone aren’t enough to make hotels actual wellness destinations that can really help you maintain healthy habits on the go. So we put together a hotel amenity wish list to help Equinox really nail this opportunity:

1. Trainers and massage therapists who will come to your room. And we’re talking Tier 3, okay? (AKA, the top brass.) Plus, we want to be able to summon them as quickly as room service. You never know when you’re going to need a quick round of HIIT or to get that red-eye crick out of your neck, right?

2. Yoga mats and foam rollers next to the iron. Those armoires are always so empty, anyway.

3. Running shoes instead of a robe. Sneakers should not take up nearly all of the space in your carry-on. When you book your room, there could be a field for shoe size, so that (clean!) sneakers are waiting.

4. A mini bar stocked with green juice (take a page out of Trump Hotels here)Kombucha, fresh fruit, and vegan ice cream for stressful work trips wouldn’t hurt, either. And don’t even think of charging us $30 for each.

5. Actually healthy room service. Maybe Equinox could put their recent partnership with Ellary’s Greens to use in a new in-room dining way?

6. A guided meditation channel. Pure Yoga’s got a whole roster of instructors who’d love to help you get to sleep after an entire day of conference networking.

7. Natural beauty products in the bathroom. It would be great if healthy skin-care products were as important as healthy everything else. And we wouldn’t mind if, for once, toothpaste was provided.

8. Complimentary water. Nothing’s worse than having to pay through the nose for drinking water in a room that’s already costing you hundreds. It would be brilliant if Equinox put a water filter in room if the tap water’s not drinkable. Pretty please?

Have more suggestions for our wish list? Add them to the Comments, below!

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