Pilates guru Erika Bloom is opening a high-end wellness destination in LA

Photo: Erika Bloom Pilates

Pilates studios are kind of like Starbucks in Los Angeles—there’s one on just about every street corner. (Though Reformer classes are definitely not like PSLs, in that you never really know what you’re going to get.)

But Erika Bloom Pilates, which will open its Los Angeles doors in early 2017, is more like the $8, single-origin, tigernut milk latte of the discipline.

For one thing, Bloom’s got an ultra-discerning clientele—she’s been in the game for nearly 20 years, and everyone from pro athletes to celebs trust her four New York City-area studios (plus one in Turks and Caicos) to fine-tune their bods. And then there’s the fact that her clients get an entire holistic wellness program laid out for them, which can encompass everything from acupuncture to bodywork to nutrition counseling and yoga.

Given that many of Bloom’s students are bicoastal—Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde have reportedly graced her Cadillacs—an expansion to the West Coast was inevitable. “We started sending teachers to LA and it grew into teachers moving to LA [to teach in clients’ homes],” she says. “This new location is about following the clientele, because they just don’t find anything like what we offer in LA.”

So what can Angelenos expect from the new destination when it arrives in town? Keep reading for everything you need to know about Erika Bloom Pilates’ first LA studio.

Photo: Courtesy Erika Bloom Pilates
Photo: Erika Bloom Pilates

1. You won’t find group classes here—everything’s one-on-one

Bloom’s a vocal skeptic of one-size-fits-all group fitness classes, especially for those who aren’t young and super fit. “So often, trainers say that the right exercises will work for everybody, and as long as you switch them up, you can hit every muscle,” she says. “But the body doesn’t work that way—we all have patterns and muscles we recruit more often, no matter what we’re doing.”

To that end, each new client undergoes postural and movement analyses, a muscle imbalance assessment, and a diet and lifestyle audit. From there, Bloom and her team design a personalized, one-on-one program that doesn’t come cheap—in-home sessions are currently $160 an hour in LA—but it works. “You want a regimen that will actually make you healthier, and not just skinnier and stronger,” she says. “That way, you’ll be able to stay injury-free and balanced as you go through all phases of life.”

2. You might be told to work out less

One of the biggest reasons why boutique fitness junkies turn to Bloom is that they’re getting hurt or gaining weight from overtraining. “People have this feeling that working harder is going to get them more results. But for a lot of people, hormonal imbalance and stress are [sabotaging them],” she explains. “Some people come to us and we actually say, ‘You need to be working less hard, sleeping more, and eating more.’ That’s when their bodies really change.” (Um, sign me up?)

3. Pre- and postnatal training are the studio’s sweet spot

Bloom and her LA-based teachers—including Julie Turner and Cicely Nelson—have extensive experience with helping women heal after pregnancy. “Group classes are really unsafe and inappropriate pre- and postnatally,” she opines. “We do really detailed postnatal work to get the body back where it needs to be, and that’s something all of our teachers specialize in.”


Erika Bloom Pilates in Water Mill, New York (Photo: Courtesy Erika Bloom Pilates)
Photo: Erika Bloom Pilates

4. The studio promises to be a hub for the LA Pilates community

Bloom plans to welcome instructors from all over the city for continuing education workshops and the studio’s rigorous, yearlong teacher training. “The other Pilates studios in LA will find we’re not being selfish about our knowledge,” she says. “We want to share all our facts about how to help people.” (She must have heard that collaboration is in and competition is out among Cali fitness instructors.)

5. The space will be a knockout

Bloom isn’t ready to reveal where the LA studio will be or exactly when it will open, but it’s safe to say it will be a stunner. “My motivation for starting this brand was to incorporate all of this really amazing, evidence-based wellness knowledge into fitness, but I also love beautiful interiors,” she admits. “[Our studios] feel like minimal, luxury apartments, which I think contributes to the benefits of the workout.” Hey, whatever helps us get through those last few sets of of hundreds….

Speaking of new arrivals on the LA fitness scene, did you hear Russell Simmons just opened a yoga studio, ModelFit has touched down in town, and Aerospace is debuting a boxing gym any minute now?

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