Exerblast: Tribeca’s new high-tech workout produces old-fashioned sweat

Exerblast has you climb on, in, and through this geodesic jungle gym

Chasing splashes of light on the floor. Navigating a rotating rock wall. And running over a sea of instability balls. That’s Exerblast, a high-tech obstacle course and workout that opened in Tribeca this June.

Located in the architect Nicolas Grimshaw’s former digs, the 6,400-square-foot facility was originally designed for 5-12 year olds. Think Equinox for Tweens. But kids can’t have all the fun, says co-founder (and Chief Fun Officer) Kate Gyllenhaal (Jake and Maggie’s aunt for the record), who recently opened the indoor playground to kids of all ages.

You can grab a friend or a small group can sign up for a 45-minute workout “blast” ($25 per person), and a staffer will swiftly march you through the stations, even the “Blast Down” room where you lie on a yoga mat and funnel your negative thoughts through a black hole on the ceiling. Soon, exerblasters will wear headsets with pre-recorded instructions guiding them through the stations.

The workout was incredibly novel—pairing science museum activities with jungle gym obstacles. Also futuristic, an iPod is belted around your waist and records your workouts metrics—steps taken to calories burned. It’s all very Inspector Gadget.

Is this going to replace Barry’s Bootcamp and AeroBox as our workout of choice? Definitely not.

But we definitely think Exerblast will be a hit among fit offices looking for healthy team-building exercises and families look for a fun way to exercise together.
Alexia Brue

Exerblast, 100 Reade Street, New York, NY, 888-898-9797, www.exerblast.com

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