Exhale to open a Flatiron studio, with a new HIIT class, this spring

Core Fusion Extreme will add a new level of sweat to the popular barre program. (Photo: Exhale)
Core Fusion Extreme will add a new level of sweat to Exhale’s popular barre program. (Photo: Exhale)

Popular barre and yoga destination Exhale is lunging into unfamiliar (and very trendy) territory this spring, with a Flatiron District fitness studio that will also be home to a brand-new High Intensity Interval Training class.

The studio, set to open on May 1, will be surrounded by workout neighbors, on 21st Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (on the same block as Flywheel and Peak Performance).

And if you feel like you’ve spied an Exhale in every neighborhood, you’d almost be right. The Flatiron studio is the brand’s sixth New York City location and its 22nd nationwide.

Exhale Flatiron will be all about fitness classes—as in, no spa for post-burpee massages or music vinyasa sessions—but it will have showers and lockers.

And the class schedule will include the full suite of Core Fusion classes, from classic barre to Cardio and Sport—with the addition of Core Fusion Extreme, designed by popular New York instructor Bergen Wheeler.

Bergen Wheeler (Photo: RateYourBurn.com)
Bergen Wheeler (Photo: RateYourBurn.com)

“We approached it in a way that pushes the body to the extreme, but really keeps Exhale’s mindful practice philosophy at the forefront, meaning it’s safe for everybody and really scalable for any fitness level,” Wheeler says.

So instead of pulses at the barre, during Extreme you’ll hit five circuit-training stations, including TRX systems, plyometric boxes, gliders, weights (which will be heavier than Core Fusion devotees are used to), and a core ball that resembles a medicine ball with handles. You’ll regroup for moves like balance exercises and cardio bursts in the center of the room. Suffice it to say, your sweat output will resemble boot camp more than barre. “It’s certainly a different page for Exhale to be on,” Wheeler says, noting that the class is “killer.”

Which is why Exhale will exclusively offer Extreme at the new location in the Flatiron, a neighborhood known as a serious fitness hub, where sweat-loving New Yorkers regularly hustle between Barry’s Bootcamp and Uplift for their HIIT workouts. It signifies the barre brand’s ability to tune into the demands of the city’s fitness-obsessed—and Exhale’s willingness to get a little sweatier in the process. —Lisa Elaine Held

Exhale Flatiron, 19 W. 21st Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, www.exhalespa.com/flatiron

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