Three new fad-free fitness classes to try this fall

yoga Each September, with the same predictability as the autumnal equinox, gyms around the City gussy up their group fitness offerings. It’s part fashion and part sales pitch: September is one of the most popular months to join a gym because people want to maintain that healthy summer feeling. This Fall we’re seeing targeted yoga classes, cross-genre offerings, and longer sessions. Here are a few of our favorites to try:

WHERE: Reebok Sports Club/NY and the Sports Club/L.A.

ABOUT: Yoga instructor, Kristen Darci, explains through this practice how you can actively assist the body’s digestive process—an overtaxed system for stressed New Yorkers. Poses help relieve pressure and pain by “increasing blood flow and stimulating peristalsis” (the rippling motion of muscles in the digestive tract). Even skeptics might find the 5,000 year-old poses applicable to their modern malady.

WHERE: The Printing House
ABOUT: This class, with ever-popular instructor Aida Palu, starts with a 45-minute Spin class, then—legs shaking and heart pounding—moves into the Fitness Studio for 30 minutes of upper body conditioning. Also, look for a flurry of future ways to Spin at Printing House, with Spin Endurance and Spin Intervals classes launching soon.

WHERE: Aerospace
ABOUT: AeroBarre is a new ballet-meeting-boxing class that really works the “bikini line,” says Aerospace NYC co-founder Leila Fazel, thanks to squats with turned-out feet. She also bets her boxing gloves you’ll get a firmer tush, leaner legs, plus upper-body definition thanks to reps of jabs and hooks. $40 day rate for non-members (ask for the special rate to try this new class); begins in October. Aerospace NYC, 332 W. 13th St., 212-929-1640,

Do you have a new favorite group fitness class? Tell us, here!

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