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On these February retreats, you'll take a tour of India, travel through the jungles of Costa Rica, and reconnect with rooftop yoga in Jamaica.
Yoga & Sacred Music Retreat with Alyssa Cohen
Wake up with Alyssa Cohen at Jake’s Resort & Spa in Jamaica, where every level yogi can get their om on.


Our friends at YOGANONYMOUS are seriously tapped in when it comes to amazing yoga retreats, mind-blowing (and back-bending) workshops, and events that bring yogis together. We share our must-do picks from the website each month. This month, it’s all about ushering in the new year with a bit of adventure.

1. Inner Stretch Yoga & Sacred Music RetreatYoganonymous logo
February 16–22, 2014

Why you should go: Enjoy five nights and six days of yoga with Alyssa Cohen (who’s also a homeopath and kirtan expert) and the musical stylings of KC Solaris. With two yoga classes a day and evening kirtan, you’ll still have ample time to unwind on the tranquil beaches of Jake’s Resort & Spa, and time for self-reflection, on this spiritual adventure.

2. Journey to India with Sherri Baptiste
February 19–March 6, 2014
Northern India

Why you should go: Tour India and bask in all it’s yogi glory with a West Coast yoga luminary. The tour will travel on buses, with each stop including an expertly guided tour and meal at local restaurants. Beginning in Delhi, you’ll make your way to the Taj Mahal, and explore the banks of the Ganges River. The second leg will take you straight to the heart of practice in Hardiwar and Rishikesh, the “Yoga Capital of the World” where the annual International Yoga Festival will be taking place.

3. Prana in Paradis with Cristi Christensen
February 14–23, 2014
Playa Sombrero, Costa Rica

Why you should go: Christensen hails from Exhale, where she teaches Core Fusion and yoga to hundreds of devoted yogis (and stressed out urbanites). On this active, rejuvenating journey with her you’ll travel from the moderate climates of Costa Rica, deep to the heart of the Osa rainforest, doing plenty of yoga along the way. There will be time for some R&R, so take advantage of the coinciding dates (Valentine’s Day!) and whisk your partner away with you.

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