First Look: 305 Fitness’ new studio really feels like a nightclub

305 FitnessAdding a nightclub vibe to fitness spaces is a popular endeavor in New York, from DavidBartonGym, which pioneered the concept decades ago, to brands like Barry’s Bootcamp, Cyc, and Monster Cycle. But 305 Fitness’ new home in the Village just totally upped the ante.

The 6,000-square-foot studio, steps from Washington Square Park on West 8th Street, has an art-gallery feel upstairs and a going-out-dancing vibe in the basement, where a light show moves to the beat of music that a live DJ is spinning from a permanent booth. The only thing missing is a bar.

The Miami dance club-inspired workout launched in New York in January 2013 and operated out of rented studio spaces until now, and 24-year-old founder Sadie Kurzban says she’s thrilled to finally have a home—and a space that really reflects the brand. “It feels surreal to see human beings interact in a space that, for three years, has been a purely fantastical vision of my imagination,” she says.

We stopped by for a tour and a super sweaty dance session to bring you this sneak peek inside. —Lisa Elaine Held

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305 Fitness“Men keep coming in off the street and asking me what the heck this place is,” Kurzban says, laughing. The studio entrance is unmarked, with front windows looking in on the minimalist check-in desk and a neon “Girls, Girls, Girls” sign. “I’m giving a shout-out to our underground roots. I consciously made the decision to avoid flashy signage or pictures of models with big muscles,” Kurzban explains. “I want you here because you genuinely want to be here, not because I’m selling you something you don’t need.”



305 FitnessIt really feels like an art gallery upstairs, with high lofted ceilings and white everywhere. A women’s locker room has lockers, three showers, two bathrooms, and a counter for sinks, makeup, and blow drying that look like the vanity a dancer would have backstage. (A smaller men’s locker room has one shower.) And a giant mural of the “305 Goddess,” created by painter Kibwe Chase-Marshall and tattoo artist Raul Bussot, waves to you as you head downstairs, where all the action is.


305 FitnessDownstairs, a small lounge area has some seating (and lockers for those who want to get in and out). Inside the spacious main studio, the front wall is completely mirrored and the back is painted with giant glossy lips (in varied sexy pouts), with, of course, a DJ booth built into one corner. A second smaller studio is still under construction.


305 FitnessFloors are made with sprung wood that’s made for jumping around and the sound system fills the room in a huge way—but the light show system is what really elevates the experience. Designed by Robert Bloom, who has worked on lighting design for John Legend and Busta Rhymes concerts, it uses more than 150 overhead LED lamps.


305 FitnessThe lights move and pulse to the music and change color throughout class, from blue, to purple, to red, to pure blacklight (which lit up Kurzban’s blacklight-activated nail polish—style tip!). Although a few of us hit a class at 8:00 a.m. on a Monday, we left feeling like we just got in from a wild night of endorphin-boosting dancing. Instead of a hangover, though, we had energy for the week ahead.

$32 per class, 18 W. 8th St., between Fifth Ave. and Macdougal, Greenwich Village,



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