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First Look: Inside Xtend Barre in Brooklyn Heights

Xtend Barre has the most balletic approach on the barre the scene, and 250 locations worldwide. We jetéd into New York's first studio, in Brooklyn, for a look.

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At Xtend Barre, a brand-new studio in Brooklyn Heights—and the mega-barre-brand’s first in New York City—you’ll be able to put your girlhood ballet lexicon (or dreams) to good use.

But the cardio elements with releves, intense tippy-toe lunges with port de bra arm sweeps, and a powerful plie series with weights are nothing you learned in your after-school program.

These kinds of toning moves form the basis of the 60-minute choreographed workout that’ll have you sweating way more than you’d think. While you’ll work tiny muscles barre, you’ll also do big, satisfying movements in the center of the room.

Xtend has 250 studios worldwide now, and Brooklynite Kristine Storie wanted her outer-borough neighbors to have a barre workout close to home. (One point for Brooklyn!) We plied our way into class this weekend for a First Look. Check out the photos and class below… —Melisse Gelula

(Photos: Melisse Gelula for Well+Good)


Get Started
Xtend Barre, a brand-new studio in Brooklyn Heights,
The pretty lobby has plenty of elbow room, plus cubbies for shoes, modern furniture, and light streaming in from Remsen Street.

(Studio photo: Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights)


Xtend Barre, a brand-new studio in Brooklyn Heights,
The spacious studio holds 20 or so students, and is extra wide so class warm-ups take place in the center of the room. Students do lot of sculpting squats and arm exercises while in a lay-person’s version of ballet positions.


Xtend Barre, a brand-new studio in Brooklyn Heights, weights
Hand weights are used often and functionally, while you’re tapping a few body systems, like here when working triceps while in a balance pose.


Xtend Barre, a brand-new studio in Brooklyn Heights,
A strengthening move where you move from a squat in wide second position up into a tippy-toe releve, on the beat, again and again.


Xtend Barre, a brand-new studio in Brooklyn Heights,
The barre is used for pulsing, of course, and for killer moves like these straight-leg crunches.


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