First Workout Report: Tribeca’s splashy Drill Fitness

This is not a drill...but your workouts may soon be filled with them.
Drill Fitness This is not a drill.

The anticipated new workout concept Drill Fitness officially opens its doors on Monday, November 3, and it’s an attention-grabbing ground-floor destination with a lot to offer—if you like to seriously sweat (and to possibly grunt) while you complete exercise drills.

“Most workouts are interval training anyway; we formalized it a little bit,” explains founder Winston Fisher, a real estate exec and triathlete who’s bringing his passion for fitness to life with the project. “A drill doesn’t have to be a race, it can be a Tabata, it can be a three-minute hill climb, but you’re isolating what you’re doing.” That isolation gives you goals to work towards throughout classes and, most importantly, he says, “This is meant to be fun!”

Expect push-you-to-your-limits workouts, modern, polished decor, and a smoothie bar for immediate refueling. We stopped by to bring you this exclusive look inside—and first class report. So read on…and don’t be surprised if you see a “coming soon” sign for another location, soon. “I’d like to have at least three or four,” Fisher says. —Lisa Elaine Held

(All Photos: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


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Drill 5 Drill occupies a large, 4,200-square-foot space corner space with floor-to-ceiling windows facing both Church and Warren Streets. Natural light streams in, but massive decals of bad-ass people working out create a level of privacy, too. Upstairs, you’ll find this spacious lobby with a check-in desk, smoothie bar, and bench seating. Plus, the two exercise studios—one for floor workouts, the other for cycling. The design is modern, with lots of white and red and black accents (Drill’s logo colors).

Downstairs are men’s and women’s locker rooms, with four showers and Drill-branded skin-care products.



Drill Fitness Thirty Drill-branded Schwinn bikes are set up in the cycling room, with stadium levels for a better view of the instructor. There are currently two class types: Drill Ride Sprint (45 minutes) and Drill Ride Enduro (60 minutes), and Fisher says both are entirely “music-driven.” A stellar sound system and disco balls in both rooms emphasize that point. You’ll definitely move around on the bike a lot, he says, but you’ll have to save your weight training for class in the other room…



Drill 2 Drill Body HIIT (high-intensity cardio and strength intervals) and Drill Body FIT (more focused on strength training) are taught in a studio with two walls of mirrors that hide TRX systems, a rack of kettlebells and dumbbells, and a chalkboard outlining your workout. It also has a heart-rate monitoring and display system that allows you to see just how hard you’re working.

I tried Drill Body HIIT with Angel Santiago, which alternated between HIIT drills and Tabata intervals (wait, intervals sandwiched between intervals?!), and it was no joke. Plyometric jump squats, burpees, and high knees were everywhere, with full-body strength work (push-ups, push presses, rows), and cardio that never stopped. Thankfully, the energy in the room was off the charts, which kept me going even when the screen showed my heart rate hit 103 percent at one point (umm…). After class, Santiago talked to us about our tech results, too, and let us compare our scores to others and draw conclusions. “You can actually see your progress and chart where you’re going,” Fisher says. You just may need to sit down for a while, first.

$32 per class, 136 Church St., at Chambers St., Tribeca,


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