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Introducing Mood Moves, a Well+Good video series created by Manhattan fitness phenom Taryn Toomey, who explains how to use your body to change your mind.

What does that mean? Toomey’s popular workout method called The Class is crazy transformative and is based on the concept that unresolved stuff (from way back in your life to your most recent day at work) can leave you feeling stuck.

“Your thoughts, your feelings, your self-talk and relationships can affect your energy and take on a physical layer,” explains Toomey. “Unresolved emotions build stagnation in your body and create blocks” says Toomey, who’s become a master of the mind-body connection and at getting past this kind of thing with energy-shifting moves.

To help you cope with whatever stress you’ve got cooking (whether it was with you before the holidays or is piling on now), we turned the camera on Toomey for this video series to help you release “whatever is stuck or holding onto you” with one simple, powerful sweaty move. This first one’s devoted to giving yourself a boost of energy when you just don’t. want. to. move. —Melisse Gelula

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(Video: Jennifer Medina for Well+Good)