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Introducing Mood Moves, a Well+Good video series created by Manhattan fitness phenom Taryn Toomey, who explains how to use your body to change your mind.

After showing you how to move your bodies to boost energy, release frustration, open your heart, and flush out tension (phew), Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class, wants to help you with forgiveness.

Whether it’s forgiving someone you know or the person reading this (that would be you), this one-minute-to-mastery move helps provide both physical and emotional release.

“Now that you’ve exhausted the body and quieted the mind, there’s space to receive what it is you’ve been needing,” says Toomey. In this pose, called the triceps bow, “you begin to shift into the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for stimulating rest and repose in the body.”

In other words, it’s the ideal position for accepting the past and preparing to move forward without baggage weighing you down—and hey, it’ll help make your triceps and back stronger in the process, all the better for lifting IRL baggage.

As you enter what Toomey describes as “a very quiet state,” foster feelings of forgiveness and allow them to emerge. “Soften [and] offer up the struggle to make room to receive,” she explains.

Ready? Learn the move in the video above.

Catch up on our Mood Moves series with Taryn Toomey here. And here’s why that f-word—forgiveness—is so important.