Flywheel raises the bar to tone your arms [video]

Flywheel Sports, the NYC spinning studio known for its athletic classes, has another claim to fame: the ultimate six-minute arm series. Behold, the simple moves for seriously toned arms.
Flywheel Sports arm toning workout
Kate Hickl's toned arms are a product of her cycling workouts

Flywheel Sports, the spinning studio known for its athletically-oriented classes, has a lesser known claim to fame: the ultimate six-minute arm series. Arm toning during spin class is nothing new. Soul Cycle, co-founded by Flywheel owner Ruth Zukerman, popularized the idea of pumping iron while cycling. Their arm series uses individual one- or two-pound hand weights. But with Flywheel, Zukerman & Co. have made some notable improvements—namely using a single padded weight bar. It allows you “pull the bar apart” and activate your shoulders and lats more easily. The movements also feel more fluid and graceful while balancing on the bike.

Look no further than Flywheel instructor Kate Hickl’s arms for evidence that this series works. Hickl, who has gorgeously amped arms, attained her sculpted shoulders and lean, toned triceps and biceps by doing this weight workout—and nothing else. Granted she does the series 2-3 times a day, but there’s nothing from stopping you from doing it that often. You can pick up one of these padded weight bars at Sports Authority. Check out the Flywheel arm series in this video with Hickl here, and you’ll know what’s coming in class.

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