Flywheel is making big changes to “Power Your Life”

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One of boutique fitness’ biggest players is announcing a slew of big changes this week to appeal to its changing customer base—from spin and barre newbies to loyal fans—across the country.

From its launch in 2010, Flywheel Sports established itself as the boutique indoor cycling studio for athletic New York City workout buffs, differentiating itself from competitors like SoulCycle via live stats and classes that challenged with more hills and sprints than bike dancing. It added FlyBarre later, again adding athleticism to the pointing and pulsing barre was known for. Now, it wants to retain its strong, core audience while also speaking to a wider range of workout-seekers.

“This is a super exciting time for Flywheel,” says Tamara Odinec, who joined the company as CMO a year ago, when she put the wheels in motion for the rebrand. “Five years in, it was a good time for us to pause….We wanted to really bring the brand up to speed to reflect the experiences that we offer and who we are today relative to who we used to be.”

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The Fly-Feel

On March 3, the brand “refresh” will launch, with a new look that includes a fresh, sleek design, a new logo, and the tagline “Power Your Life,” (which will be used in addition to the current motto of “Never Coast”). The message is about “empowerment, being authentic,” Odinec says. “Those are really our core values, and we heard from our riders and pulsers that we power them in a whole host of different ways.”

Digital Details

The new look will be reflected on a completely new Flywheel website and an upgraded app, too. Both will include new features like multiple filters to search for classes and a class suggestion tool that will use customer behavior to recommend specific sweat sessions based on instructor preference, schedule, studio, and more (like the Amazon “you may also like..” feature). Since feedback indicated riders loved the app “dashboard” that brings together class and stat info in one place, it will also now be where you land when you log in on the site. Finally, the instructor pages will feature new photos, bios, favorite music of the season, and more.

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In the Studios

Of course, it’s the minutes of sweaty pedaling or plie-squatting that matter most to Flywheel and FlyBarre customers, and to continue to deliver on that front, the company is creating more class options by expanding Flybeats (a music-driven class launched in 2015) to most markets and studios, and adding a new class, Power 30, which packs the standard cycling workout into a higher intensity half hour, for the seriously time-crunched. (The on-bike technology recently got an upgrade, too: the screen now greets you by name and your individual score for timed races shows up even if you’re not on the larger board.)

And the studios just keep popping up. Flywheel Astor Place opens in Manhattan on March 9, and in the coming months additional locations will debut in Atlanta, Washington D.C., and downtown San Francisco. That’s a whole lot of Torq and toning for 2016 and beyond.

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