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Holly Rilinger
Flywheel's Holly Rilinger is passionate about pain relief and preventing injuries


The newest class at Flywheel Sports is focused on spinning but, ironically, doesn’t take place on a bike.

Foam Rollers, Flywheel Sports,
Foam rollers are migrating from the physical therapy world to fitness studios

Flywheel instructor, and former pro basketball player, Holly Rilinger created Myofascial Release—fascia being the connective tissue that envelops the muscles and organs. In this 60-minute class devoted to foam-rolling, Rilinger applies the pain-relief tricks of the trade gleaned from her mentor Perry Nichelston, DC, a chiropractic sports physician.

The IT band and psoas muscle get tight when we spin, explains Rilinger. “As a result, the hip can lock up and then suddenly the pain is radiating to your hip or knees.” The foam rolling feels like you’re giving yourself a deep tissue massage.

Well+Good’s Melisse Gelula recently joined Rilinger for an intense spin class followed by this short tutorial on Rilinger’s three go-to moves for cyclists. —Alexia Brue

Myofascial Release, $30, is offered at Flywheel Sports Flatiron location every Saturday at noon,