Flywheel Sports’ athletic turn at the barre

Flywheel Sports, the NYC indoor cycling studio, launches "a barre class for athletes" called FlyBarre. Will spinners saddle up or just remain cardio warriors?
Flywheel Sports Kate Bohner
FlyBarre creator Kate Bohner teaches the toning arm series

Barre workouts are the height of fitness fashion in New York City.

Effective, engaging, and fun, they come in almost as many styles as yoga pants. So when Flywheel Sports, the spinning studio, created its own signature barre offering, they wanted to make absolutely sure it wasn’t an also-ran.

The result called FlyBarre is “a barre class for athletes,” says its creator, Kate Bohner, a one-time co-captain of the University of Pennsylvania Women’s Lacrosse team and a member of the World Cup team.

“The sculpting boot camp for spinners,” as Bohner calls it, is a 55-minute interval-based class that combines circuit training, yoga, Pilates, stretching, and strength building. A warm-up is followed by a fast-paced succession of intervals—lots and lots of ab exercises, upper body work, 15 minutes (!!) of glute work, and stretching to a cool soundtrack (of ’80s and ’90s music Duran Duran to Mary J. Blige when I was there). Yes, it’s low-impact, but that doesn’t mean you won’t sweat.

This move, called the iceskater, will make your tush feel like it needs a cold pack

Bohner, in addition to her impressive athletic creds, is also a certified yoga instructor, a barre expert via Powerbarre in Delray Beach, and a published author. (She co-authored Donald Trump’s memoir—meaning she knows how to breathe through uncomfortable positions.) She’s also a master instructor and has already trained other teachers in her method.

Flywheel’s 21st Street studio accommodates only 12 people, ensuring lots of personal attention—a definite perk. Already the schedule has up to five daily FlyBarre classes and a following for spin-barre double-headers—in particular the Saturday morning Kate & Kate (Kate Hickl’s spin class followed by Kate Bohner’s barre class)—are proving popular for a two-hour blast of cardio and sculpting work.

And FlyBarre, which costs $30 (same as the spin classes), seems set to grow with Flywheel. Although it won’t be offered at Flywheel’s newly opened Upper East Side location, Bohner says FlyBarre will be offered four times a day at the new East Hampton studio starting in May; it’s also on the menu in Boca Raton, which makes Flywheel a spinning-and-barre double threat. —Alexia Brue

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Correction: March 9, 2011
A previous version of this post stated that Kate Bohner was trained by exhale. That was a reporting error, for which we apologize. In fact, Bohner trained at Powerbarre, in Delray Beach, Florida, under the direction of Kim Pallacio, who was an exhale Core Fusion instructor.

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