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Flywheel appsFlywheel is releasing a shiny new app tomorrow (Tuesday, March 11), which will allow the data-loving riders to book classes quickly, check in before they’ve even stepped foot inside the studio, and seriously track their class stats.

The athletic, performance-focused indoor cycling (and barre) brand has a history of staying ahead of the technology curve on the fitness scene. Last year, for example, it introduced a feature that allowed you to book bikes next to (or totally away from) their Facebook friends.

“Our biggest focus has been on streamlining the experience,” says executive VP of technology Stacey Artandi Seldin. “We considered every part of the process and asked ourselves, ‘How can we make it better? How can mobile make it better?”

We took the new app for a spin to check out its features:

Flywheel app 2Booking: Booking is super simple. You choose your region and then studio (or let the map find the closest studio to you), and then browse the calendar, which you can sort to show cycling, Flybarre, or both. Then, you choose your bike just like you would online. You can also purchase class packs if you’re out.

Check-in: This feature may be the one that gets Fly fans the most excited: You’ll be able to check in from your phone within 20 minutes of your class when you’re within 500 meters of the studio (while running, or cabbing, or in the line at Starbucks). So you can bypass front desk lines and just grab your shoes and go, with no chance your bike will be given away should you be cutting it close.

Stats: The “performance” section allows you to track your progress in your palm, with detailed stats from each class (power, torque, calories, etc.) and percentile and trend screens. Most of these you’ll recognize from your account details, but “Class Rank,” which will give you an anonymous read on where you ranked among all riders in your class, is new. “People like to know where they stand—some of it is competitive and some is very personal,” explains Seldin.

Social: You can also share your bookings with Facebook friends, to inspire them to ride next to you, or at least impress them with your motivation. —Lisa Elaine Held

The app is available at the Apple Store on