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Ripped Fitness boot camp Pin It

If your image of boot-camp workouts involves a barking drill sergeant, chances are you’ve taken a hard pass. But what if you could get the endorphins without the intimidation?

RIPPED Fitness, the latest arrival on New York City’s boutique fitness scene, is serving up full-body, 50-minute HIIT classes that do just that.

A combo of treadmill intervals with boot-camp-style floor work, RIPPED classes are led by super-motivational trainers who push you to tap into your “why factor.”

AKA, they’re designed to amp you up, improve endurance, and build strength—no matter if you’re a casual gym-goer or hardcore weight-lifting enthusiast.

Here’s the best part: We’re hooking W+G readers up with their first class with code WGGETSRIPPED. Get your free class now at!

In partnership with RIPPED Fitness