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Elevated acre workoutsThe Financial District gets a bad rap for being, well, pretty inconveniently located to many of Manhattan’s hottest workouts. But here’s one reason to consider jumping on the 4/5 train downtown (or from Brooklyn!) this summer.

Every second Wednesday of the month from June through September at 6:15 p.m., Elevated Acre (AKA the kind of-secret, pretty landscaped roof at 55 Water Street) will be home to free 30-minute outdoor workouts, as part of Game On’s Summer Block Party Series.

Elevated AcreClasses are being offered in conjunction with Fit+Love, a marketing company that connects fitness-minded brands and consumers, and the first kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17, with a cardio and conditioning boot camp led by Aqua Cycle instructor Zack Schares.

For future classes, you can expect a variety of workouts with top talent, like Zumba with New York Health and Racquet’s Solange Gomez and strength and conditioning with Mile High Run Club trainer Andia Windslow.

Plus, after class, you can take advantage of the block party’s other al fresco activities, like outdoor movies, live music, shuffleboard, and local food vendors. Who knew Wall Street could be so, well, fun? —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Zach Schares, Andia Winslow; Elevated Acre)