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Photo: Instagram/@gabunion

When it comes to glute workouts, everyone seems to have one method that they find the most, er, peachy. From reminding yourself to drop down and squat with sticky notes (a la Gigi Hadid) to sweating through a 30-minute circuit involving donkey kicks (Dakota Johnson-style), celebs have various ways to tighten and firm their lower…asset.

Gabrielle Union recently discovered her own go-to rear-sculpting exercise move, as she just revealed in an Instagram story. A queen of efficiency (she swears by saying “no” as her de-stressing and anti-aging hack), the actress goes into the gym with a mission.

gabrielle union butt workout
Photo: Instagram/@gabunion

Her trick to working her behind? As she demonstrates in her video, it involves holding a kettlebell in one hand while the other arm is held out straight to the side. Union then swings the hand with the kettlebell to the opposite foot while engaging in a squat, then stands up and switches to the other side until she’s in a butt-sculpting rhythm.

It’s like a regular squat-kettlebell swing hybrid. Hey, it’s good to switch it up when you drop it down low.

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