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Game of Thrones workout Pin It
Graphic: Well+Good

Personally, I like to yell “more wine, girl!” at my significant other while watching Game of Thrones (who’s actually a grown man but did get Arya in that Facebook quiz everyone took, so…).

Game of Tone founder Emily Schromm
Emily Schromm created Game of Tone. Spear, sword, dragon, not included.

But there are healthier ways to enjoy Season 6, like replacing your drinking game with this workout game created by Denver-based star Reebok trainer Emily Schromm.

Schromm loves the show and initially developed the exercises for fellow fans to use while binge watching previous seasons before the premiere, but she helped us tweak them so you can now lunge at the Lannisters all season long.

“People assume fitness is all or nothing—30 minutes to an hour, or not at all. Life is too busy to think that way, and my favorite way to incorporate fitness is to tie it in to the things I love,” Schromm says. “Think out of the box and have some fun. All movement, no matter the setting, will make you happier and healthier.”

All you’ll need is a chair (or the iron throne) and a towel to sweat through the episode. Good luck getting those Khal Drogo abs.

Get Started

1. Every time Tyrion drinks…

Complete 5 Walking Towel Inchworms.


2. Every time “old” Melisandre appears …

Complete 3 Plank Towel Crawls (or hold a plank for 30 seconds if you don’t have a surface that lets you slide).


3. Every time someone says “your grace”…

Complete 10 Jazz Hand Pop-Ups.


4. Every time a dragon kills someone…

Complete 5 Isolated Towel Slide Lunges on each leg.


5. Every time a white walker gets killed…

Complete 3 Fancy Plank-Ups on each side.


6. Every time someone says, “winter is coming”…

Complete 5 Push-Ups to Slides, with Towel, with each arm.


7. Every time someone gets speared…

Complete 5 Burpee Tuck Jumps.


8. Every time someone enters a brothel…

Complete 5 Power Step-Ups to Lunges.


9. Every time a main character dies OR John Snow comes back to life…

Complete 3 Chair Dips to Core Crunch, with each leg.


10. Every time you see The Wall…

Complete 1 Wall Walk.

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