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Sure, she may have that whole fame and fortune thing going for her, but—underneath all of that—Goldie Hawn is just like your mom. She’s goofy, she’s fun, she’s embarrassing in that way only a mom can be, and—most of all—she’s just trying to live as healthy as possible.

We already knew how much her daughter, Kate Hudson, admired and learned from her mom in the wellness department, but thanks to her newly launched Instagram, we can all get a glimpse into the healthy world of Goldie Hawn.

From staying hydrated and guzzling that green juice to quick stress-relieving sessions on the trampoline and pushing through that final stretch of a tiring run, Hawn shows the all-too-true side of staying healthy—and how to have fun doing it. (In Hawn’s case it’s working out with her dogs, playing a quick round of golf, and enjoying the outdoors.)

Especially in this time of overly-filtered and photoshopped celebrity photos—wait, you don’t take a perfectly contoured mirror shot after your workouts?—it’s refreshing to see a celebrity, and a mom, show the sweaty, difficult, and frazzled parts of fitness.

The New York Times called her “the fitness anti-guru” but really she is the ultimate healthy mom—now we can see where Kate gets it from.

Scroll through to see Goldie Hawn’s perfectly imperfect fitstagram moments.

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Have to clear my brain after watching all of this election frenzy 🙃

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Afternoon birthday Meditation with Kate and besties! What a beauteous way to share our love and friendship.

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My happy hour cocktail 🍸#greenjuice

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Still running!! #forestgump

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Happy Saturday!

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Long and productive days in DC. Home tomorrow. Can’t wait to get back in my workout shoes!!!

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There’s no doubt Kate Hudson learned her healthy lifestyle from her mom. See the actress’ surprisingly relatable techniques for loving your body—and yourself.