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google reserve details
Photo: Stocksy/Kate Daigneault

Well, Google’s picking up speed in that world-domination thing it’s so good at. Case in point? They just launched a Reserve with Google functionality that lets you book fitness classes directly. Mind. Blown.

It’s integrated with the class booking systems you all know and love—Mindbody, Full Slate, Front Desk, and Appointy (with more partnerships in the works)—which makes planning that after-work yoga sesh a cinch. Seriously, once you select a class and hit pay, you can complete the transaction without ever leaving Google.

And it has a curated touch: as you browse on either Google Maps or Google Search, you’re shown “recommendations for today,” based on popularity, and you can drill down for workout categories like “yoga this evening,” “barre before lunch,” “workouts this weekend,” and more.

The system launched this week in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

At a time when the “booking” space is experiencing some shifts—like the end of ClassPass’s unlimited plan—this could be a huge win for fitness class fans.

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