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Getting a good, effective workout in is one thing—but getting one in with severe pack pain is another. Sadly, it’s true that many of us suffer from serious back pain, and often it’s something that is extremely difficult to correct. It’s rare to get through the day happy and active while dealing with searing pain after all.

For those who deal with back pain on a constant basis, there are however, a few quick moves that can be done daily to keep back pain at bay.

Take a peek at the videos below for five of the best exercises for those suffering from back pain and get moving.

Get Started

1. Pelvic tilts


A video posted by Jessica Goodwin (@surfkittenblue) on



2. Hip hikes




3. Cobra stretch



4. Rotations


A video posted by Chae Yang (@chaeyang1)  



5. Wall sits


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This post originally appeared on AOL