Hollywood Cycle behind the scenes: Nichelle Hines dishes on her reality TV persona

Hollywood Cycle - Season: 1 Every reality TV show’s got a “bad bitch.”

On Hollywood Cycle, a new E! show that showcases the inner workings of Los Angeles indoor cycling hotspot Cycle House, it’s Nichelle Hines, the studio’s CRO (Chief Ride Officer).

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It’s a role that Hines’ many sweaty fans may be surprised by, since her riders know her as a caring individual who will push you to your highest limit inside of class and out, and who even shares her own weight-loss story to inspire others.

“You know, of course they want to craft a certain character, which they do in editing,” Hines says. “It’s not always easy to watch myself. I can seem intense and like a little bit of a bully. But if you do stick with the show farther into the season, you get to see more of my softer side.”

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We chatted with Hines for a behind the scenes account of what it’s like being on the show, how men and women are perceived differently when they’re in charge, and more.

What was your initial reaction when you got approached to do a reality television show? We’ve actually been approached several times, but this time one of the execs was a good friend of mine, so I felt like she understood me. I think it was a very organic idea. People always want to find interesting ways to be healthy—it’s very important to be entertained with fitness. So it’s very natural to make a fitness reality television show.

How do you feel about how you are portrayed on the show? Well, I do seem like the villain, but one thing that’s true is that I’m incredibly passionate about Cycle House and what it is and what we represent. So yes, when we have trainees come in, I’m going to honest when I’m deciding if they can make it or not. It’s still a business, so I expect everyone to do their jobs. If I walk in and there’s no water bottles to sell to our riders, I’m going to be pissed. Just like with my students, I demand 110 percent, because that’s what I give.

Do you feel like it’s a totally realistic depiction? I want people to know the intention is not to bully but to get results. My job is to craft you into the instructor you want to be, which takes serious tough love and image control. I have to watch everything I do, too. I can’t go somewhere and get shit-faced in Hollywood, because I’m constantly representing Cycle House.

How do you feel about how you are represented as opposed to the men on the show? I find it quite funny. Any woman in power is going to be perceived as a bitch. Especially a black woman. But what I really am is a business woman, and people have to deal with that. I’m not going to let anyone walk all over Cycle House. But if it were a man doing it, he’d just be considered doing his job. It’s laughable. But that’s a much bigger issue… —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit EOnline.com and CycleHouseLA.com

(Photo: E! Entertainment)

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