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David Siik
David Siik on the treadmill, AKA BITE training tool. (Photo: Jason Nicoto for Equinox)

When temperatures start skyrocketing above 90, getting in your miles outside can feel pretty (chafing, panting) uncomfortable. But many runners turn to the going-nowhere treadmill with certain dread.

“My whole life is about getting people to stop hating the treadmill and to make friends with it,” says David Siik, a Los Angeles-based Equinox trainer, Ford model, and elite runner. “There’s one magical key to solving that problem: Never get on a treadmill without a plan.”

His plan is centered around a method Siik created called BITE (Balanced Interval Training Experience), which balances speed, incline, duration, and recovery in a way that he says will make you stronger and faster. And it’s being put into action in Equinox’s new group class Precision Running. (It’s part of a greater suite of running-focused classes Equinox just launched, including Run Club, RunCross, and ETC Run).

“A lot of people do HIIT and boot camps, but there hasn’t been a cohesive look into how you apply the world of racing and training to treadmill training,” Siik explains. “I just re-translated it so you burn just as much, but there’s a lot less impact on the body.” Plus, since you’re constantly switching up your pace and incline, boredom is so not gonna happen.

In case you can’t make it to a class soon, we got Siik to share a super effective 30-minute treadmill workout you might encounter in Precision Running. Load it on your iPhone before you hop on, and you’ll be sweating in no time. —Lisa Elaine Held

Download Siik’s 30-minute precision treadmill workout here, and for more information, visit

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