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hiit_on_iceThink your gym workouts are hard? Try taking your burpees and mountain-climbers to the rink. As in the ice rink.

London-based fitness studio 1Rebel has launched a fitness class called Rebels on Ice, in which brave participants channel their inner Tara Lipinski (sans skates) by performing high-intensity interval training moves on a slick surface, Mashable reports. Because apparently regular HIIT workouts aren’t OMG-I’m-going-to-throw-up hard enough already.

The class combines cardio and strength moves, from squats to lap runs on the ice. And whether it’s due to sheer strength or just the fear of eating it in front of strangers that’s driving participants, consider your core permanently engaged.

While this Michelle Kwan-meets-Barry’s Bootcamp workout is only offered in the UK (also home to another creative workout hybrid: hot yoga in a bouncy castle), feel free to see if your local rink will let you get your burpee on.

Ice skates not required, hockey pads and helmets totally optional. (Kidding about that last part. Kind of.) —Alison Feller

This 15-minute HIIT workout will get you sweating, whether you try it inside or out. And for something a bit more low impact, may we suggest snowga?

(Photo: 1Rebel)