Crazy fitness concept alert: IMAX may open a spin studio in Brooklyn

IMAX spin studio If you sometimes feel like you’re about to fall off your bike during really fast rounds of tap-backs at SoulCycle, you may want to sit out this upcoming fitness concept. Conversely, this could totally be a bike dancing pro’s new favorite thing.

According to, IMAX—the company best known for making movies like Interstellar feel like they’re encroaching on your reality—has applied for a permit to open an indoor cycling studio outfitted with one of its giant screens in Dumbo.

“The gym would consist of tiered rows of stationary bicycles that would face the screen, which would play original content created by IMAX and its partners, according to Robert Lister, the company’s chief business development officer,” DNAinfo reports. “Lister said the new venture is still in the preliminary testing phase and that the company is working on creating high-energy videos and music that would play during the classes.”

While we investigate further details (like who’s going to be teaching these), we can’t help but imagine the studio being outfitted with Real Ryder bikes that move along with the action on the screen, and Dramamine handed out in place of popcorn.

And maybe they could consider showing real movies and plan the opening to coincide with the release of Jurassic World 2 (or 3!). Because I’d personally book a bike more often if it meant riding alongside Chris Pratt during a high-speed dinosaur chase. —Lisa Elaine Held

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(Photo: Justin Smith/Wikimedia Commons)

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