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(Photo: Tone House)

Since Tone House opened in 2014, nearly everything about the sports conditioning workout—from its reputation as the toughest fitness class in New York City to the muscles of regulars—has been huge, except for one aspect: its petite digs in Union Square.

That changed this week with the opening of a new home on 31st Street between Park and Madison Avenues.

Tone House 2.0 is a space that fits the brand’s major influence, with three times the square footage of the original location, new workout toys and amenities, and a new easier class (we swear!) that will allow newbies to test the workout’s waters before diving into sprints and sled pushes. “Tone House 101 will make participants’ first time to the turf less intimidating and more accessible,” explains founder Alonzo Wilson.

We stopped by for a sneak peek sweat session to bring you this look inside the new Tone House…

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Tone House
(Photo: Tone House)

The new Tone House is a storefront space, with the workout studio at street level. The studio feels expansive, with super high ceilings, and a big branded circle on the gray turf to mark the space for the infamous circle drills. Classes will now be able to fit up to 20 participants (compared to 12 before), and in addition to all of the props from the old space (ropes, TRX systems, resistance harnesses, etc.), there are new retractable bleachers and rowing machines.

Tone House
(Photo: Tone House)

The class schedule is almost the same as at the previous location, with 7-10 classes per day, with the exception of the addition of Tone House 101, which will be offered just a few times per week. The intro class is still an incredibly tough, effective workout (“I’m never going to waste anyone’s time,” Wilson tells me) that mirrors the structure of a regular class. Each section is just scaled down a notch, and you may skip some of the more brutal aspects, like bear crawls down the turf. It feels like a perfect lead up to the real thing.

Tone House
(Photo: Tone House)

Another huge change: spacious locker rooms with showers, roomy lockers, and plenty of space for pre-work hair and makeup. (This change alone seems like it will totally supercharge the demand for spots in early morning classes.) There are also recovery cold tubs for the truly dedicated “athletes” whose muscles need it.

Tone House
(Photo: Tone House)

And finally, space for hanging out. The basement level is home to the locker rooms and a big lounge, which will serve to further solidify the team mentality Tone House promotes on the turf.

Get a taste of Tone House at home with this high-intensity GIF workout.