Is budget gym Blink Fitness coming to your hometown?

Blink Since it first opened in Noho in 2011, budget-friendly gym Blink Fitness has lived up to its name. It grew to become a major chain with 35 locations across the tri-state area in the blink of an eye.

Now, the Equinox-owned company is focusing on an even bigger expansion, with plans to open 12–15 locations in New York and New Jersey this year, followed by a staggering 300 more clubs across the country by 2020.

“The reality is that the larger fitness market in the US remains under-served,” says executive vice president Todd Magazine. “Only 15 percent of Americans belong to a gym. A lot of people want to, but price or intimidation stops them. We want to democratize fitness so that it’s accessible to anyone who wants it.” Maybe you?

It’s a goal the company shares with similarly priced gym chains like Planet Fitness, who cater not to workout junkies but to those who are being left out of the get-fit conversation altogether. Blink’s simple business model pairs super-cheap monthly rates with back-to-basics set-ups. About $20 per month gets you cardio and strength-training equipment, a whole lot of free weights, and not much else. Except that it’s all done in a clean, trendy way, so those on a budget don’t have to settle for a grimy, low-rent feel.

And that vibe won’t change as the gym opens new locations from New York City’s Upper East Side to New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, says Magazine, confirming that they’ll all echo the original Noho location. “Our philosophy is that we have a very good model, and that’s based on feedback we’ve gotten in the marketplace.”

Probably from those who are excited to have way more money to spend on post-sweat-session smoothies. —Jamie McKillop

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