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(Photo: Reebok)

Yoga at sunset, meditation under the stars, and cycling up mountains.

Sounds like an awesome fitness retreat in Bali, right? Think again. Now you can do all of that in one fitness class…indoors. Reebok, the activewear brand known for collections with Tara Stiles and Crossfit boxes across the country, recently launched a traveling fitness program with international fitness brand Les Mills—that uses choreographed videos to create one-of-a-kind workouts.

It’s called “The Project, Immersive Fitness” and it’s coming to a city near you…as soon as it can find a parking spot.

The classes take place in a traveling studio (it actually looks like a large, stand-alone box) that Reebok is shipping and putting back together in different cities across Europe right now, and by next year it will have the U.S. on its itinerary.

“It’s a new experience when it comes to group fitness,” says Barbara Ebersberger, vice president of Reebok Studio Business Unit. “It’s a combination of exercise—with 270-degree visuals.” It sounds a bit like working out at an Imax movie theater. But here’s what it’s really about.

(Photo: Reebok)

The class offerings

Les Mills, Jr., designed the program, which includes signature Les Mills classes: “An immersive cycling class called The Trip, a combo martial arts and HIIT workout, and a mixture of Body Jam and Body Balance—one half you’re in a club and the other half you’re doing yoga,” Ebersberger explains.

All of the classes are about 30 minutes long—and include videos of everything from sunsets to mountain ranges and objects flying at your face. Just in case your heart wasn’t already pounding.

The classes look like a tricked out video game, where you’re the avatar. “In the combat section you might have to punch or kick certain objects out of the way, or duck under certain elements,” Ebersberger says.

Coming to a city near you?

The traveling studio just left London and visits a new city every two weeks. It’s currently on its way to Stockholm, then it will go to Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, and then the U.S.

In London the classes were free. (Bonus!) But Reebok and Les Mills are still figuring out the specifics of each city. “Classes might stay free, but we might charge in some cities,” Ebersberger says.

The point of the project? “We wanted to re-energize the group fitness experience,” says Ebersberger. Now, we’ll just have to wait for that energy to arrive Stateside. —Molly Gallagher

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