Everything you need to know about the dance world, according to Jaime King

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Photo: Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com
As a former supermodel and of-the-moment actress, Jaime King has gotten to wear some pretty spectacular outfits over the years. But her favorite looks of all are under $30 and made from cotton and spandex.

“I feel most beautiful in dancewear,” says King, a self-professed leotard fanatic who can easily rattle off the various styles (including exact style names) and colors she rotates through her wardrobe.

Bodysuits aren’t just a fashion thing for King, although they’re definitely trending right now—she’s actually very entrenched in the dance scene. (I discovered this while chatting with the actress before a Flywheel class she recently hosted on behalf of Tidy and Downy’s new Odor Defense collection, so she can do way more than just jeté.) And she has loads of advice on how to get into it yourself, whether you’re a newbie or a prima ballerina.

Read on to discover five dance-related things that Jaime King is digging right now, from the dancers you should be watching on YouTube to the gear she thinks every gal should have in her closet.

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Photo: Ballet Beautiful, Dancer: Mary Helen Bowers
Photo: Ballet Beautiful, Dancer: Mary Helen Bowers

1. Ballet Beautiful

When King isn’t trekking through the Los Angeles mountains with her husband and two sons, her workout routine usually revolves around Ballet Beautiful videos. “I’ve been a huge fan of Mary Helen Bowers for forever,” she says. “I like the idea of working out, but feeling really long and lean.”

Bloch's "Macie" leotard
Photo: Bloch

2. Bloch leotards

When she’s at the barre, King is very serious about dressing the part. “I live in Bloch,” she says of the pro dancewear brand. “There’s something really feminine about their clothing.” Her favorite leotards include the high leg/low back Sissone ($19.90), the cap-sleeved Cavalier ($19.90), and classic long-sleeved styles ($23.90), which she even wears outside of the studio. “You can put your jeans over them and they just look gorgeous,” she says.



3. Her new gig as a choreographer

King recently organized The Final Chapter, an evening of dance and interactive poetry that took place in LA. “I was talking to Rob Pattinson right when he first started dating [FKA] Twigs, and he wanted to take her to anything that had to do with dance,” she recalls. “I was trying to find something for him and I realized we in Los Angeles have very little live performance art. So I said, if other people aren’t making it happen, I want to make it happen.”

King chose the music and co-choreographed the performances with 18-year-old dancer Haley Messick; the evening was, naturally, a hit. “I intend to continue to move into this dance space and bring more of it into Los Angeles,” she says eagerly.


4. The next generation of dance stars

According to King, there are two up-and-coming dancers you should follow on Instagram ASAP: 9-year-old Brooklin Cooley and 11-year-old Emma York, both of whom performed at The Final Chapter along with Messick. “Emma is a Sia prodigy—she just performed on Dancing with the Stars,” she says. “Brooklin is known for her lines; the way she moves her body is incredibly skilled and graceful.”

shopbop leggings
Photo: Shopbop

5. High-waisted leggings

If King were stranded on a desert island (one with really good barre classes, natch), she’d want to have her collection of Live the Process leggings ($155) in her luggage. “I love their leggings because they’re very high-waisted, and I think there’s something comforting about having that,” she says. “I don’t like bending over and seeing things I shouldn’t see!” Spoken like a true plié princess.

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