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Surely your champagne-sipping New Year's plans don't compare with trance dancing with Shiva Rea in Costa Rica or Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga in Tulum?
Rachel Brathen
Join Rachel Brathen for SUP Yoga in Tulum, Mexico


Our friends at YOGANONYMOUS are seriously tapped in when it comes to amazing yoga retreats, mind-blowing (and back-bending) workshops, and events that bring yogis together. We share our must-do picks from the website each month. This month, it’s all about ushering in the new year…

Yoganonymous logo1. Transformational Winter Solstice and New Year’s Pranafication Retreat with Shiva Rea
December 21, 2013–January 4, 2014
Playa Guione, Costa Rica

Why you should go: If you’re looking to do more than lay on the sandy beaches in lounge chair savasana, this retreat with one of the country’s most beloved yogis is for you. It includes surfing and “yogadventures” (like horseback riding and ziplining) to signature Shiva Rea “yoga dance trance” sessions, perfect for the yogi looking to unleash some bottled-up positive energy and start the new year right.

2. Sacred Temple Vinyasa with Janet Stone 
December 27, 2013–January 5, 2014
Bdami, Kamataka, India

Why you should go: It’s India! Are your champagne toast and Times Square ball-drop-watching plans better? Disconnect—if only for a few days, and join San Francisco instructor Janet Stone and Indian spirituality and meditation scholar Hareesh Wallis as they take you through rural India to the sacred temples of Belur. You’ll spend nine days doing yoga, meditation, and more, while learning about Indian spirituality and everyday local culture.

3. Mexico New Year’s Yoga + Ritual + Rejuvenation Retreat 
December 28, 2013–January 4, 2014
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Why you should go: Led by Michelle Berry (based at Exhale in Venice, California) and musician Joey Lugassy (whose uniquely interpreted covers of artists like David Bowie and Radiohead combine with Sanskrit and original music), this retreat has all the makings of a mental wind-down. The duo bring a combination of Berry’s signature Liquid Asana vinyasa (think “fluidity with asana structure, flow with dynamic stillness, strength with deep release, spontaneous creativity with intellectual tapas”) with Lugassy’s Emmy-nominated musical stylings that will ease mind, soul, and body now and into the new year.

Bonus January Retreat! Yogascapes: Tulum with Rachel Brathen
January 18–24, 2014
Tulum, Mexico

Why you should go: Rachel Brathen is known a popular globetrotting SUP Yoga (Stand-Up Paddle board Yoga) teacher, and she wants you to pick out a swimsuit and join her before the year sweeps you away with waves of work and meetings. Brathen, who’s Swedish and now lives on Aruba, holds retreats all around the world that fill up really quickly, so we were really excited to share this one when we heard there were still a few spots left.

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