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Sometimes life gets busy—and that’s exactly what equipment-free, 15-minute workouts are for. Self reports that Jennifer Garner‘s trainer Valerie Waters is definitely aware of the struggle that is being #girlboss with a jam-packed schedule. Her routine that’ll raise your heart rate and leave you time to cross off everything else on your to-do list might be the first miracle of 2018.

“You can do this circuit three times and call it a day, or you could add an upper body or abs circuit for a more full-body workout,” Waters wrote in the caption of a recent Instagram video. “No matter what, you’ll get a nice quick sweat and be reminded once again that you’re always one workout away from a good mood.”

Here is a little #redcarpetready no equipment, cardio circuit. You can do this circuit 3x and call it a day or you could add an upper body or abs circuit for a more full body workout. No matter what, you will get a nice quick sweat and be reminded once again that you are always “one workout away from a good mood”~Val ▪️Side to sides 20 ea ▪️1/2 jacks 10/20 ▪️Lunge kicks 10/20 ea leg ▪️Bruce Lee Kicks 10/20 ea leg ▪️Curtsy lunge 10/15 ea leg Do this circuit 3x If you haven’t been doing cardio circuits or legs for awhile or you feel a little rundown, choose the first number of reps. Otherwise choose the second number. Tag me when you’re done. #homeworkout #noequipmentworkout #noequipmentneeded #cardiofix #cardiotime #hiitcardio #circuittraining #backyardworkout #celebritytrainer #bodybyval #VALidated #workout #goodmoodworkout

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When you’re ready to get started, all the bodyweight workout involves is four simple equipment-free exercises you can do anywhere: side to sides (10 to 20 reps on each side), half jacks (10 to 20 reps), lunge kicks (10 to 20 reps on each leg), Bruce Lee kicks (10 to 20 on each leg), and curtsy lunges (10 to 15 on each leg). Sounds doable, right?

So, the next time you’re thinking about slacking off on your goals this year, pull up Waters’ routine. Everyone can spare 15 minutes to better their health.

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