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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@jlo

The couple that works out together stays together, and Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are (very fit and muscle-y) proof. Via A-Rod’s recent Instagram video, we got a glimpse into the healthy duo’s routine. Spoiler alert: It’s serious #fitnessgoals.

There were weighted ball sit-ups and twists, some dancing (because J.Lo), and some push-ups to finish. To make that grand finale a little more intense—and a lot more fun—Rodriguez had Lopez lie on his back throughout the reps. Just as effective as piling on weighted plates—but quite a bit sexier, obvs.

Comeback!!! Oops…maybe not 😂 #VegasPrep #Trufusion #NYC @jlo @davidkirsch

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Can’t figure out why this video is giving you serious feels? It might have reminded you of the adorable moment on This Is Us, when Jack took Randall—his adopted son—to martial-arts class and used the move to prove his commitment to being his dad. Just watch, and try not to shed a tear:

It’s clear that that push-ups are more than a great way to get toned arms—they’re also the perfect way show someone your love. But before you go hop on someone’s back at the gym, you might want to give a quick heads-up first.

Here’s all the inspiration you need to wake up for your weekend morning workout. And if you want to get your sweat on outside, try these fun exercises.