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There are plenty of PTs that can teach you how to workout—but finding one that can help you learn to love fitness is harder to come by. Enter your Well+Good (Re)New Year Week Four trainer, Jess Movold. After moving to New York City from Missouri in 2008 for a job in fashion, the self-proclaimed fitness addict pivoted into the world of wellness just under two years ago. Now, she’s a coach at New York City’s Mile High Run Club, as well as The Fortitude Strength Club, a boutique studio where they’re not afraid to get down and dirty with everything from bench presses to box jumps.

Throughout the next seven days, she’ll share three exclusive, strength-based workouts that’ll push you past your comfort zone (and hopefully, help you lift heavier than you ever have before). These exercises, performed with bodyweight and dumbbells, will help you move better and build essential strength that translates to all areas of your life. (Don’t be surprised when those grocery bags don’t feel as cumbersome as they usually do!)

“It can be easy to lose the fun factor over a long period of tough training, so I always try to hold on to the joy of what I’m doing.”

Her workout mantra: Embrace the journey. “I try my best to translate that approach into my everyday life and [figure out] how I can apply that mentality to all aspects of my day,” she says. “While that discipline is extremely important, it can be easy to lose the fun factor over a long period of tough training. It can’t be all serious all the time, so I always try to hold on to the joy of what I’m doing.”

To recreate Movold’s moves this week, you’ll need some space in your home to get sweaty and one set of medium dumbbells. She suggests beginning with 8-pounders and working your way up from there.

Make 2018 your healthiest, happiest, and best yet—with a little help from Well+Good’s (Re)New Year program, which is packed with pro tips for putting your wellness plans into action. Check it out, then enter to win an activewear outfit from Athleta.