How Jojo stays fit on tour—and the surprising fast-food staple she loves

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Photo: Brooke Nipar

When Jojo burst back on the music scene last year with her single “When Love Hurts,” there were two thoughts most people had when watching the music video. The first: Jojo’s all grown up! The second: Holy abs!

Now, the singer-songwriter’s back with even more new music, releasing her album Mad Love October 14. And that means she’s about to log a ton of time on a tour bus.

Anyone who has been on a road trip knows it isn’t easy to eat healthy while essentially living in your car. Food choices are often limited to fast food and gas stations. And working out? Well, it’s tricky. So what’s a girl who needs enough stamina to run around on stage singing without getting out of breath (while wearing a crop top, natch) to do? Jojo reveals all here.

Scroll down to find out how Jojo stays fit while she’s on tour.

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Her road-warrior workout

Jojo and her team rent day rooms at hotels so they can hit the hotel gym (and do other much-needed things, like shower). “I do intervals on the treadmill,” she says. “I find that it’s the most effective and I get the most out of it in a limited amount of time.”

Here’s a breakdown of her go-to treadmill workout: Three minutes speed-walking at 4.0 followed by two minutes climbing from 7.0 to 8.5. “I do that in five-minute increments for 30 minutes,” she says.

Jojo’s also all about squats, lifting weights into an overhead press while working her glutes. And it’s obvious the girl works her core. What’s her secret? “I do weighted ab workouts with a 20- or 30-pound weight, lifting it straight to the sky and bringing it back down,” she says. Still, she insists diet is most important: “Today my abs aren’t popping because I’m sick and have been eating chicken noodle soup with a lot of sodium. I hate that diet is essential, but it is.” 

Photo: Brooke Nipar

So, what does she eat?

When you’re on the road, Sweetgreen and Juice Press aren’t typically options, but Jojo says there’s one chain she can almost always rely on: Subway. “I get their chopped tuna salad,” she says. And she’s found some healthy gas station options too—namely dry, roasted almonds or cashews.

But to her, thinking ahead is key. When she can, she likes to grocery shop and prepare her own healthy snacks to keep on the bus. Her favorites: crunchy almond butter, Quest bars, and Universal Muscle Hi Protein bars, which she says are so good that she eats them for dessert.

When it comes to being a pop star, it’s easy to assume late nights, pizza, and cocktails are part of the gig. But Jojo isn’t about that life. “When I’m on the road this much, I want to feel good, so staying healthy is my main focus,” she says. “What’s great about touring is that I’m with other people who want to stay healthy, too. My band and I love running up and down the arena stairs together.”

Interesting! Especially since stadium-size workouts are the new rock shows. Hey Jojo, maybe you and the band could just combo everything and get into the fitness game as well? Kayla: Watch your back.

Don’t have access to a hotel during the day while you’re on the road like Jojo does? Here’s a workout you can do in the car—seriously. And here are some healthy snacks you can feel good about stocking up on.

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