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Meet your Well+Good (Re)New Year Week Three trainer, Kara Liotta. The creative director for FlyBarre and Wilhelmina fitness model has got it goin’ on. And as a former dancer, she knows a thing or two about moving her body in all the right ways.

“Extremes are easy, so strive for balance,” she says. “I think this is great to have in mind, especially when coming up with a New Year’s resolution. It pulls you back from going over the top with something that is ultimately unattainable, and instead steers you to something that you can achieve and feel good about.”

“The philosophy behind this style of workout is endurance—high reps and low weight or bodyweight.”

The barre-inspired workouts you’ll be tackling this week are perfect for any skill level, she notes. “The philosophy behind this style of workout is endurance—high reps and low weight or bodyweight,” she says. “Many people shy away from barre because they think that it requires flexibility or dance training. Think of it instead as endurance-based body sculpting.”

As you crush through each workout this week, not only will Liotta’s moves really help you feel your muscles working hard, they’ll also help you improve your stamina—which is essential for daily life. For her workouts, you’ll need some space in your apartment to get sweaty, a miniband, a set of 3- or 5-pound weights, and a yoga mat.

Make this the year you become even more amazing than you already are by starting 2018 off strong with these pro health and nutrition tips—and then enter to win a killer activewear outfit from Athleta.