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Kayla Itsines is teaming up with Apple to streamline your workout

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Photo: Instagram/@picoration

Kayla Itsines (AKA the world’s most influential trainer) isn’t afraid to make big moves in the name of fitness.

Earlier this year the Instagram star debuted her “Sweat with Kayla” app (which traded her bikini body lingo with something a bit more empowering), and now, she’s shaking things up again—this time, in hands-free form with the launch of a program for the Apple Watch.

While the original Sweat app transformed the way #BBG girls got their information, bringing interval workouts, meal plans, and fitness advice straight to their phones, the Apple Watch could change the process even more.

The Apple Watch experience will let Itsines’ followers do her workouts hands-free, without having to grip onto their iPhones while trying to keep up with her fast-paced jump squats and knee-ups. Fans can expect to see heart rate and calories displayed in real-time on the tiny screen and animated visual workout instructions. That means no mid-burpee tech glitch—plus it frees up your phone for more important uses (like sweaty selfies, of course).

Photo: Apple

While Apple is being its notoriously tight-lipped self about the app’s debut, it’s slated to happen sometime after the new software update is released this fall. No word yet on whether her fiancé Tobi gets a cameo this time around—but a BBG can dream.

Not sure if the Apple Watch is for you? We tested it out ourselves—here’s how it stacks up. And if you’re not ready to part with your phone just yet, you can keep busy with these exciting female-friendly fitness emojis.