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It’s no secret that Khloe Kardashian is seriously dedicated to fitness. Case in point? Just watch her Snapchat, where she posts countless videos (often with a skull-and-crossbones emoji) of her slaying some badass workouts with her trainer.

After seeing so many sweaty selfies—the youngest Kardashian sister seems to work out every single day—you can’t help but wonder how she keeps it up. I mean, aren’t her legs super sore? (I know mine turn to cement after one-too many Barry’s Bootcamp sessions.)

Her secret? A vibrating foam roller.

“It gets into your muscles even more and really loosens everything up.”

Chances are you’re already familiar with foam rollers, which are readily available in most gyms and work as useful recovering tools. Rolling over them helps with circulation, flexibility, and muscle tension in a major way—but with the added vibration, it’s even more powerful.

“This is one of my favorite things,” Kardashian raved in a recent Snapchat, which the manufacturer Hyperice shared on its Instagram. “I think foam rollers are great but this one’s cool because it vibrates, and so it gets into your muscles even more and really loosens everything up.”

Though she was particularly sore that day—which happened to require a run, thanks to her trainer—she rolled it out to prep her gams for more action. “I like to stretch before and after a workout,” she says. Is Khloe on to something here? I’ve tried a vibrating foam roller, and can attest to the added intensity. And anyone who knows how to hack a Chipotle menu for a healthy order is worth a listen, in my book.

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