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You don’t have to be in Los Angeles or New York City to take a fitness class from one of the world’s biggest names in dance: You can now get in a workout *anywhere* thanks to dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied—you know, Natalie Portman‘s husband—who joined the ranks of fitness-world innovators transforming your at-home studio into a boutique class.

LA Dance Workout is Millepied’s digital platform that features short workout videos you can do anywhere, all featuring real dancers, Vogue reports. The $15-per-month subscription service aims to make movement fun and help you achieve the agility, lean body, and strength of a dancer by copping actual training methods that the best of the best use.

Not sure if you’ll be able to keep up with these pro dancers? Don’t worry: Millepied’s workouts are customized so you can go at your own pace. And since the artists in the videos—who are all members of his L.A. Dance Project—are masters at everything from ballet and hip-hop to jazz and even krumping, you’ll never get bored.

Now BRB, going to go dance my way through my New Year’s goals.

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