Lacey Stone kicks ass in the morning, thanks to her “wacky” night prep

morning_routine_lacey_stone Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Lacey Stone and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome. 

Lacey Stone
Founder, Lacey Stone Fitness and cycling instructor at Flywheel, Los Angeles

Because I wake up so early in the morning my night prep is crucial—and it’s a little wacky. I usually go to Starbucks before I go to bed, so I have an iced coffee ready to go in the morning. Starbucks doesn’t always open on time near my house and I have a room full of 40 people waiting for me, so I can’t be late.

I’m very into fitness fashion so I lay my outfit out the night before. I know, dork-fest. I also make sure my playlist is in my bag, with my iPod, spin shoes, brush, outfit change, stereo cords, phone, and—don’t forget—the keys. (I’m known to forget the keys.)

I pop in the shower while I usually multi-task by brushing my teeth too. I’m out the door in about 10 minutes. I’ve got it down to a science. 

Then I walk to my car while posting something fitness-related on Instagram, which I almost always plan out the night before, too. Once I get into my car, I pop open my glove compartment, which has a week’s stash of Two Moms In The Raw bars. Breakfast is served.

I then connect my iPod to my car Bluetooth and I listen to the playlist on the way—thinking about when I’m going to have students climb or sprint, finding good spots in the playlist where I can motivate the group. At Flywheel or any workout I lead, it’s meant to have a family feel, like a team.

Post-workout meal: I walk down Larchmont Boulevard and usually grab a smoothie at the Larchmont Juicery. My favorite is the Captain Coconut.

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