Lea Michele won’t do a workout she hates (and loves to journal)


One look through Lea Michele’s Instagram feed and you know she doesn’t mess around when it comes to health and fitness. Pilates? Check. Yoga? Check. TRX? Check. And in between, the actress fits in a lot of Cali-cool hikes—and the occasional SoulCycle class (which is where we connected with her post-spin sesh).

And given Michele’s knack for embodying larger-than-life, ambitious characters on TV, you’d assume that her wellness routine was equally intense. But in real life, she keeps it pretty simple.

Here the Scream Queens star shares the scoop on the three wellness habits that keep her happy, focused, and healthy—and we’re thinking they’d work for the rest of us, too.lea_michele

1. Write it down 
“I like to see everything written down,” says Michele. “Writing down my goals, whether it’s fitness goals or my diet plan, has always really helped to keep me on track.” And the actress might just be on to something. Recent research found that people who wrote down their goals were more likely to achieve them. So to help others start a journaling practice, Michele released her second book You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life, last year. “I wanted to create this journal [workbook] for everyone to have this opportunity to do that for themselves.”

lea_michele_wellness2 2. Find what you love
You won’t find Michele doing a workout she doesn’t like. Her fitness routine embodies the mantra “do what you love,” and she loves a good sweat session. “The reality is I only do workouts that I genuinely enjoy,” she says. “Then that makes it easy to want to go and do it every day.” Her go-tos include hiking and hot yoga (which she says she can’t live without). “I think that the combination of the detox as well as the workout—it’s good for the mind, body and soul,” she says. Plus she’s a Pilates regular.


3. Grab a partner
When she needs an extra boost of motivation, she enlists her boyfriend. “It’s nice to have your own thing, but we always have things that we like to do together as well,” she says. And if you’re a little intimidated about trying that hot new fitness class? Michele suggests going with a buddy—after all, hang time with a friend is a health boost in itself. —Christine Yu

There’s now a Tinder for female friendships, by the way. Or, if you’re looking for ways to sync up your fitness regimen with your boyfriend’s, here’s why you should take him to barre class.

(Photo: Instagram/msleamichele)

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